Enter the dimensions of the desired box and submit


You can have one length be greater than 200,
but no lengths should exceed 260
There can be between 1 and 30 teeth,
and the sheet size must be less than 10 mm.

All lengths are in millimeters (mm)

Width (mm):
Length (mm):
Height (mm):
Number of teeth per side :
Sheet Thickness:

Open inkscape and edit the files that were produced. Add holes and cuts that the existing pattern. Before saving: Make sure the cuts will fit within the page limit. Change the page layout in Inkscape to 11 X 9 in landscape and see if the cuts remain in the page. To get to the document properties manager:
Windows: SHIFT + CTRL + D
Zip all the DXF files (up to 6 dxf files) into one folder.
Upload the zip file to this link.