Keeley Abbott

Graduate Research Assistant, MS
Office: KEC 3040 (map)

Research Overview

Currently I am interested in the space where human computation and machine computation intersect or overlap. I am particularly interested in the design of mixed-initiative execution systems, where control of and decisions about the control flow are influenced by both the human actor, and the machine (and not dominated by one or the other). To this end, I am especially interested in the design of domain-specific languages and active learning applications in computer science.

See my research page for other projects, or my publications page for a list of papers.


CS 381 Programming Language Fundamentals (Summer 2017)

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Teaching Assistant

Not currently assisting any courses…

Past courses are listed on my teaching assistant page.


  • Graduate Expo Abstract AcceptedFebruary 5, 2016

    The abstract I submitted to the 2016 Graduate Expo was accepted. The Expo is being held on Tuesday, March 1st at the Portland Art Museum. Poster submissions are due Monday, February 22nd, so that’s the next step. Looking forward to sharing my research and future plans, and exchange ideas with other graduate students.

  • Protocol Study Paper accepted to VLHCCJuly 8, 2015

    With Christopher Bogart, and Eric Walkingshaw, our paper “Programs for People: What We Can Learn from Lab Protocols” was accepted to the IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing. This is a great result for me, as it is the first conference paper with which I have been involved. In addition to the main contribution, this paper has provided a framework for future contributions.

  • SIGPLAN Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop at ICFPJune 12, 2015

    I am pleased to be able to attend the SIGPLAN Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop at ICFP, as well as the full conference in August/September 2015. As a result, I will also be able to attend Haskell Symposium 2015. Really looking forward to it.

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