Grading and Homework Policy

Grades will be computed using the following weights. Each student’s lowest quiz score will be dropped.

  • 25% Homework (5x5%)
  • 15% Quizzes (4x3.75%) – 5 quizzes, lowest score dropped
  • 30% Midterm exam
  • 30% Final exam

For 90% or more, you will receive an “A”; for less than 30% you will receive an “F”. The remaining grades are assigned linearly in between. I might lift grades if clustering of points achieved by students suggests so, but I won’t assign grades worse than indicated by the above linear schema). For those who are too lazy to do the calculations, you can look up the grades on this table.

All quizzes and exams are closed book and closed notes. Quizzes will be held on Mondays, and exams will be held on Thursdays – there is no specified finals schedule for Summer term so the final will be held during the last class meeting of the term.

Teamwork on homework is allowed and encouraged. Teams of two or three students may submit a common homework as long as all members are clearly identified on the submission. All students in a team must contribute to the team solution and will receive the same grade. Adding the name of a student who has not contributed to a solution will be regarded as cheating. All team members must be able to explain their homework contribution to the instructor.

Note that due to logistical issues late homework is not accepted. Be sure to submit your assignments on time.

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