Professor & Associate Director for Academic Affairs

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon 97331-3202

Voice: (541) 737-5573; FAX: (541) 737-3014;

Office: KEC 1148

Research Interest

Error Control Codes

Fault Tolerant Computing

Parallel Processing

VLSI Testing

Algorithm Analysis

Computer Networks

Graduate Students

Ph.D students

Former Students

1. D.J. Lin, 'Unidirectional Error Correcting/Detecting Codes', July 1987

2. A. Al-Dhelaan, 'Processor Allocation and Communication in Networks', March 1989

3. N. Darwish, 'New Bounds and Constructions for Error Control Codes', March 1989

4. S. Al-Bassam, 'Balanced Codes', January 1990

5. J. Jang, 'Design and Analysis of Robust Algorithms for Fault tolerant Computing', April 1990

6. S. Park, "Fault Tolerant Communication Algorithms for parallel Systems', March 1993

7. Y. Kwon, "Embedding and Mapping in Parallel Systems', May 1993

8. B. Rowley, 'Fault Tolerant Ring Embedding in De Bruijn Networks', December 1993

9. B. Broeg, 'Topics in k-ary n-cube', June 1995

10. L. Tallini, 'Design of Efficient Constant Weight Codes', November 1996

11. M. Bae, 'Resource Placement, Data Rearrangement, and Hamiltonian Cycles in Torus Networks', November 1996

12. B. Almohamad, 'On Resource Placements and Fault-Tolerant Broadcasting in Toroidal Networks', November 1997

13. G. Ramanathan, 'Fault-Tolerant Techniques: Algorithm-Based Fault Tolerance and Reconfiguration', March 1998

14. S. Gorshe, 'Concurrent Error Detection', April 2002.

15. J. H. Youn, 'Topology Independent Transmission Scheduling Algorithms in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks', May 2002.

16. P. Oprisan, 'Error Control Techniques for the Z-Channel', December 2004.

17. O. M. Erdem, 'Efficient Key Management Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks', March 2005.

18. S. Elmougy, 'Some Contributions to Asymmetric Error Control Codes', May 2005.

Current Students

1.      Madhusudhanan Anantha Subramanian

2.      Noha Taha Elarief

3.      Bader Al-Bader

4.      Dong Nguyen (Co-advisor)

5.      Kien Nguyen  (Co-advisor)


M.S. Students

Former Students

1. R. S. Cunningham, 'On Asymmetric Error-Correcting Codes', June 1982

2. A. Janbieh. 'Binary Unidirectional Error Detecting/Correcting Codes and Error Codes over Zq', September 1984

3. S. Al-Bassam, 'Optimal Fixed Hashing Sequence', February 1985

4. J. Albert, 'Topological Sorting Algorithm', May 1985

5. G. C. Converse, 'Optimal Unidirectional Error-Detecting Codes', December 1985

6. A. Das, 'Encoding/Decoding of Unidirectional Error Detecting Codes', October 1986

7. M. Prusynski, 'Developing True Diagnostic Software', December 1988

8. S. Zhang, 'Optimal Fault Tolerant Routing in DeBrujin's Network', May 1989

9. S. Malhotra, 'Totally Self Checking Checkers for t-Unidirectional Error Detecting Codes', Dept. of Electrical and Comp.Engineering, August 1989

10. J. Liu, "On Processors Allocations in N-cube', April 1990

11. J. Boone, 'An interactive workbench for sound experimenters', March 1991

12. R. Taylor, 'A token caching waiting-matching unit for tagged token data-flow computers', Dept. of Elctrical and Comp.Engineering, May 1991

13. S. G. Krishnapura, 'Object-Oriented simulation model of a digital switching system', October 1991

14. G. Ramanathan, 'Improved construction methods for error correcting constant weight codes', January 1992

15. Y. A. Ashir, 'Properties and communication algorithms for k-ary n-cube interconnection networks', January 1993

16. S. Lee, 'Partitioning and broadcasting in faulty hypercube', December 1993

17. L. Tallini, 'Some efficient balanced codes', April 1994

18. J. Youn, 'Some efficient implementations of balanced codes', November 1999.

19. N. Kalinati, 'Satellite Data Ingestion Tool', October 2002.

20. C. Mukkas, 'Simulation of DS3 protection unit for ATM PONS', October 2002.

21. J.P. Park, 'Separabilities for a New Class of Gray Codes', November 2002.

22. M. Al-Mutairi, 'On Hamiltonian cycles in toroidal networks', May 2003.

23. M. Anantha, 'A router architecture for QoS capable clusters', October 2003.

24. A. Negi, 'Impact of Nagle algorithm and jitter buffer in multimedia applications', December 2003.

25. S. Venkatachalapathy, 'Signed digit representation of numbers', January 2004.

26. C. Shinde, 'Binary Ripcom tool', May 2004.

27.  B. Anumolu , “Component Tracking System: A Distributed Platform Independent System for Monitoring a Component End of Life Process,” September 2004.


28.  S. Anand, “Java-based GUI SAML Editor,” January 2005.


29.V. Narendra, “WinTriangle A Scientific Editor for the Visually Impaired,” August 2005.