cover pictureClassic Data Structures in C++
Timothy A. Budd

Published by Addison Wesley, Reading, Massachusetts, 1994. 543pp.

ISBN 0-201-50889-3.

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Table of Contents

Part I -- Terms, Tools and Technology

Engineering Software
Creating Software Components
Algorithms -- Descriptions of Behavior

Part II -- Analysis, Algorithms and Abstractions

Strings -- An Example ADT
Classifications of Collections
Vectors and Component Reuse
Inheritance -- Power through Polymorphism
Lists - A Dynamic Data Structure
Stacks and Queues -- Higher Level Abstractions
Trees -- A Nonlinear Data Structure
Priority Queues
Hash Tables
Sets and Bags -- Unordered Collections
Dictionaries and Tables
Files -- External Collections


Catalogue of Data Structures
If C++ is the solution, then what is the problem?
Timing data for sorting algorithms
Table of various functions

Tim Budd,