An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programmind

Timothy Budd's Virtual Bookshelf, #3


An Introduction to
Object-Oriented Programming
French Translation

By Timothy Budd

Published by Addison-Wesley, 1991
ISBN: 2-87908-003-7
Published by Editions Addison-Wesley France.
The French translation did not use the Platypus
on the cover. I always suspected that this was because
Platypus was not a French name.

The translator, Jacqueline Zizi, contacted me several
times during the translation process. She translated
Oregon State University as l'université de l'Etat d'Orégon
(Etats-Unis), which is also the way you would translate
University of Oregon. I don't think I ever convinced
her there was a difference.

Timothy A. Budd
Addison Wesley