Reported Errors in 1st and 2nd Printing of

An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (2nd Ed)

by Timothy A. Budd

(Last modified 10 September 1997)

The following are errors that were reported in the first and second printings of the book, but were fixed in the 3rd printing. You can find what printing produced your book by the first small number at the bottom of page iv (the page that faces the preface).

Chapter 2.

Page 34, next to last line
recipies should be recipes

Chapter 3.

Page 68, 2nd paragraph
Java as a programming languages should be language (singular). (kp)

Chapter 7.

page 132
First row, are be applicable should be are applicable

Next to last paragraph, billards should be billiards, also in the Chapter 6 should be in Chapter 6 (cv)

Chapter 9.

Page 169
Recall from Chapter 8, should be Chapter 7. (ch)

Page 170
expecte should be expect (pt)

Chapter 10.

Page 184
Example at top of page, variable phil should be phyl. (rr)

Chapter 12.

Page 227, code
Extra parenthesis in code example after (aShape))

Page 228, bottom of page
``instanceOf Shape'' should be ``instanceof Triangle'' (2 errors) (ch)

Chapter 13.

Figure 13.7 (page 242)
voidf near bottom needs space, as void f

Chapter 17

Page 308, 8 lines from bottom
``important module'' should be ``important for module'' (cv)

Page 313, 2nd paragraph.
``inherits publicly'' should be ``inherits privately'' (rr)

Page 313, 2nd paragrpah
Publicly should be privately (cv)

Page 314, Name Spaces paragraph
poliferation -> proliferation (cv)

Chapter 18

Page 322, 11 lines from bottom
allowed differ -> allowed to differ (cv)

Page 327, 2nd paragraph.
intermediately should be intermediary (pt)

Page 329, line 5
repeition should be repetition (pt)

Chapter 19

Page 333, 5 lines from bottom
principle -> principal (cv)

Page 336,
There are seven (there are only six).

Chapter 20

Page 352, near bottom
wishs => wishes


Page 418
composition should come before constructor. (cv)

Page 428, slicing
An ``an'' should be an ``a'' (rr)


Errors in the Errata List
Several meta-errata (errors in previous versions of the errata list) were reported by Tom Verhoeff.

Many Thanks

Many thanks to the following, who noticed one or more of errors reported above.
Mohammad H. Al-Huwaidi, CogniSeis Development Inc.
Francisco Azuola, Universidad de Costa Rica (University of Costa Rica).
Gerald Cahill, Antelope Valley College, Lancaster CA
Craig Hondo, IMS corporation
Kjell Post, Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Engineering, Mälardalens Högskola (Mälardalen University), Sweden.
Gordon Royle, Senior Lecturer, Computer Science, University of Western Australia
Russ Ruby, Computer Science, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon
Jeff Slomka, Southwest Texas State University
Patrick Thompson, Rogue Wave, Corvallis, Oregon
Constantin Vasiliu, Tektronix, Beaverton Oregon
Tom Verhoeff, Department of Math and Computing Science, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands.

Report all errors to me at
Tim Budd, Associate Professor of Computer Science
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon 97330