Illustration of OOP Concepts

We can illustrate the object-oriented world view by contrasting it with the technique I might use to solve a problem in real life. Suppose I wish to send flowers to a friend who lives in a city many miles away. I cannot personally deliver the flowers myself, so I make use of the services provided by my local florist.

I tell my florist (let us call her Flo), the address for my friend, how much I want to spend, the type of flowers I wish to send, and so on.

Flo in turn contacts a florist in my friends city, who arranges the flowers, contacts a driver, who finally delivers the flowers.

There may even be many more people involved in this tractions. Perhaps the person who takes the order in my friends city is not the same as the person who makes the flower arrangment. And the florist does not grow the flowers herself, but must contact the flower wholesaler to obtain her ware.

And so we see, that to solve my problem requires the interaction of an entire community of individuals.

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