An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

By Timothy Budd

Study Guide for Chapter 16

Learning Objectives

After reading this chapter, you should be able to:

Study Questions

You may wish to use the print or save as command on your web browser to produce a copy of this study guide. That way you can fill in the answers to the questions as part of your assimilating the information you learn as you read the material.
  1. Explain why the idea of generic algorithms might at first seem to be at odds with a pure interpretation of object-oriented principles.

  2. What is a generic algorithm?

  3. What is an iterator? How do the iterators in the standard library differ from the iterator abstraction described in the previous chapter?

  4. What is a function object? What things can you do with a function object that you cannot do with a function?

Contents copyright Timothy A. Budd, 1995.