The first component, The Greeter

The first component we can identifiy in the IIKH is the component that has control when the application is first started. Let us call this component the Greeter, since its major task is to display a greeting.

When the application begins, the greeter puts an information and friendly welcome window on the screen. Through this window, the user is offered the choice of several different actions. These include browsing the database of recipies, adding a new recipe to the database, edit or annotating a recipe, or reviewing or creating a plan for several meals.

Many of the details concerning exactly how this is to be accomplished can be left out of the description for the moment. For example, we need not know whether these actions are provided by means of button, pull down menus, touch screens, voice commands, or something entirely different. All we need in order to proceed is the knowledge that by some means the user can indicate one action out of a list of choices.

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