Errata List for 1st and 2nd printing of
Data Structures in C++ Using the STL

by Timothy A. Budd

Published by Addison-Wesley Longman

The following errors occur in the first and second printing of the book, but were corrected in the third printing.
The printing number is the first number listed on the bottom of the copyright page.
There are, unfortunately, still a number of typos and errors in the book.

479Labels on figure 4.3 are interchanged (hy)
71502nd par. Having defined compare, should be strcmp (jt)
9196wehave should be we_have in middle of page
9203missing colon in constructor
9203return type for insert should be void
9203argument to insert should be by reference
9203insert requires argument type T, not value
9204missing colon in constructor
9207need to dereference this as return value in increment and decrement operator
9208new link needs to be qualified with type T
9209on erase loop, next should be declared to be listIterator
9209on erase loop, delete start should be delete start.currentLink
10226-7Routine should be called infixToPostfix, not prefix.
10229missing comma in constructor
11241visit should be declared as returning bool
11260need to dereference this as return value in increment and decrement operator
12267missing semicolon after set
12268Missing comment character in bitset::set
12270keyword int, not class should be used with template arg in == operator
14342figure at bottom, rightmost 4:0 should be 6:0
15380variable time, bottom of page, should be currentTime
15381constructor for orderEvent should set groupSize, not size
16395missing second argument on recursive call to generateSentence
B504string input should be stream input (near bottom) (jt)

Send all reports of errors or typos to Professor Budd at
One or more of the errors reported above were found by the following individuals:
John A. Trono, Associate Professor of Computer Science, St. Michael's College
Han-gang Yu, Dept of Physiology & Biophysics, State University of New York at Stony Brook.