Homeworks, CS 519, Winter 2015
Homework #1:
Reverse-engineer Abby

Meet "Abby". Abby is a persona I've been working on with a group of colleagues as part of an emerging method we call GenderMaP. (GenderMaP is an evaluation method for finding software features that may not be gender-inclusive.) Your mission is to pretend like you and your teammate are in the process of creating Abby.

Specifically, with your temporary teammate, do the following:

Homework #2:
A visit to the literature on personas

Here is a link to a group of papers about personas. Visit the google spreadsheet in that folder and sign up for one of the papers. (After two people sign up, that paper is "taken".) Your mission is to generate insights into either (1) how one of the persona projects (or yours) in this class avoids or could have avoided the problems the paper speaks of or (2) ways the paper might help one of the persona projects in the class.

What to turn in: Just a paragraph or two with (1) or (2). Mostly you'll be discussing it with the class. You can turn in individually or in pairs -- either way is fine. Hardcopy in class, and email to Dr. B. with "HW 2" as the subject.

Margaret M. Burnett
Date of last update: Feb. 19, 2015