CS 569, Fall 2014, Dr. Burnett
Homework #1: Human Subject Certification

At any university, and at many other kinds of institutions as well, if you are going to work with human subjects you need to know certain ethical principles. Before you can proceed with most of the assignments in this class, OSU requires proof that you have learned these principles. (Most other universities do too, so save a copy of your proof.)

For this assignment, take one of these two on-line courses, and print out the certificate you get. (Keep a copy for yourself -- you may need it in future months/years.)

It will take you an hour or two. (Note: if you have previously already done this, just bring in copies of your previous paperwork instead -- you do not need to take the tutorial again.)

What to turn in: Turn in an electronic copy of the certificate you got from the tutorial.
When to turn it in: See class schedule page.