CS 569, Fall 2014, Dr. Burnett
Term Case Study Project (Team)

With your team, report on your case study. Rules/Reminders:

Executive summary page:

The first page should be an executive summary that provides items 1-5 below in a summary table, like this:

1. Research question Provide your overall (vague) Research Question. It must be about some aspect of software development / programming.
2. Propositions List the proposition(s) or more specific research questions derived from the above vague research question.
3. Type of case study Exploratory, descriptive, or explanatory.
4a. Units of analysis and units of observation. Say what the units of analysis are. If the units of observation are different from the units of analysis, say what the units of observation are also. (Reminder: A way to get started on figuring out units of analysis is to think about what the answers to Questions 1 and 2 establish about the unit of analysis.)
4b. Data collected. Summarize the data you will/did collect. (Reminder: A way to get started on figuring out data is to think about what the answers to Questions 1 and 2 establish about the type of data you'll need.)
5. Design type. Say what type of design are you using, according to Runeson Fig. 3.1.


Then start a new page and provide your full report, written up as though you were going to submit it to a conference or journal. Your full report should be structured with at least these sections. (You may insert additional sections, subdivide them, etc., as desired.)

You may want to look at other case study papers of software development as examples of what such reports contain, such as the Seaman/Basili paper and other examples from the main class web page.

What format to turn in: Turn in **hard copy**, single-spaced. Be sure both teammates' names are on it.

What to turn in for the design assignment due date: Turn in both the executive summary table and the Introduction and Design sections of the report. (Note: Of course, the database structure part of this will be likely to change as you collect more and more data.)

When everything is due: See class schedule for the due dates.

Date of last update: Nov. 1, 2014.