How can I test my spreadsheet?

How do I make progress with testing?

Cells with ?s in their decision box have values that will help you make testing progress. If you can find one of these values that you can tell is right, place a checkmark on it. The border of that cell will turn closer to blue than it was before.

What if the border color turns purple?

That means there are situations involving this cell that still haven’t been tested.
If there is no ? in its decision box, you need different values to test these situations.

How do I find the different situations?

The arrows can help you see the situations. If you open the formula tabs for two cells that an arrow connects, you will see all of the situations for the two cells and the individual testedness of these situations. A red or purple arrow pointing to a situation means, that is a situation that hasn’t been fully tested.

How do I know if I am testing a new situation?

A ? in the decision box points out a new testing situation. Your goal for changing values to make testing progress should be to get a ? to appear in the cell.