IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages

Seattle, Washington
September 10-14, 2000

Call For Papers

VL 2000 is the premier international conference on visual and multimedia computer-mediated communication. Our conference attracts those interested in the use of visual/multimedia techniques in the creation and maintenance of software, and in electronic communication, commerce, and other services. We are interested in programming language aspects, in software visualization, in maximization of the usability of visual programming languages, in end-user programming, in the use of visual techniques in software design and testing, and in visual representations and grammars for web-based human languages and services.

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Research papers are solicited on any aspect of visual languages. Sample topics include (but are not limited to):

Original research papers should make clear what new contribution the work makes to visual languages, and how the work differs from related works. We are especially interested in how this work adds new insights: how does a particular feature provide greater support for some task than has been accomplished before? Who does this feature help, why, and how do we know? How is it different from other approaches? What is needed to make even more gains?

To help authors prepare the best paper possible, these materials are available:

In addition to research papers, poster papers and tutorial proposals are solicited.

Poster papers are most suitable for interactive discussion. Work in early stages is especially encouraged, but work in any stage of development that would benefit from an interactive presentation is encouraged. Poster authors will have a special forum for showcasing their work and having one-on-one discussions with attendees.


Additional formatting files for Latex users can be picked up at the IEEE ftp site: . (Start with file LATEX.TXT, and it will tell you what else you might need.) An appropriately initialized Word document is also available at that ftp location. Or, see the pdf or the ps concrete examples of the instructions printed according to the formatting instructions.

Deadlines and Submission Instructions

Deadlines: Paper submissions are due March 8, 2000.
Paper submission instructions will be available on this web site when the deadline is closer.
Details on tutorial proposal submission will appear on this web page soon.

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