IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages

Seattle, Washington
September 10-14, 2000

Advance Program

Session IV: Theory of Visual Languages

Chair: Andy Schuerr (Univeristy of the Federal Armed Forces, Germany)

Tuesday, September 12, 8:30 AM

Extended Positional Grammars
Gennaro Costagliola and Giuseppe Polese (UniversitÓ di Salerno, Italy )

NCE Context--sensitive Graph Grammar and its Parsability
Yoshihiro Adachi and Yuichi Nakajima ( Toyo University, Japan )

Projections in Venn-Euler Diagrams
Joseph (Yossi) Gil (Technion IIT, Israel )
J. Howse (University of Brighton, UK )
S. Kent (University of Kent, UK )
J. Taylor (University of Brighton, UK )

SD2: A Sound and Complete Diagrammatic Reasoning System
John Howse, Fernando Molina and John Taylor (University of Brighton, UK )

Related Posters

Posters will be presented at 3:30 PM on Monday, and will be available for viewing during the poster reception Monday evening.

Efficient Parsing of Visual Languages based on Critical Pair Analysis and Contextual Layered Graph Transformation (poster)
Paolo Bottoni and Gabriele Taentzer (University of Rome, Italy )
Andy Schuerr (University of the Federal Armed Forces, Germany )

A Visual Reasoning System with Diagrams and Sentences JVenn (poster)
Kensuke Kiyozuka andHajime Sawamura (Niigata University, Japan )

Visual Construction of Algebraic Specifications (poster)
Duncan Neary and Martin R. Woodward (University of Liverpool, UK )

Composing Motion Grammar of Kinetic Typography (poster)
Yasufumi Uekita and Junji Sakamoto (University of Tsukuba, Japan )
Masahiko Furukata (International Media Research Foundation, Japan )

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