IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages

Seattle, Washington
September 10-14, 2000

Advance Program

Session VII: Software and Information Visualization II

Chair: John Hosking (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

Wednesday, September 13, 8:30 AM

Language-Agnostic Program Rendering for Presentation, Debugging and Visualization
Christian Collberg and Sean Davey (University of Arizona, USA )
Todd A. Proebsting (Microsoft Research, USA )

Visualising the Structure of Object-Oriented Systems
Trent Hill (Macquarie University, Australia )
James Noble (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand )
John Potter (University of New South Wales, Australia )

Visualizing the Synchronization of Java-Threads with UML
Katharina Mehner and Annika Wagner (University of Paderborn, Germany )

Related Posters

Posters will be presented at 3:30 PM on Monday, and will be available for viewing during the poster reception Monday evening.

SALSA and ALVIS: A Language and System for Constructing and Presenting Low Fidelity Algorithm Visualizations (poster)
Christopher Hundhausen (University of Hawai'i at Manoa, USA )
Sarah A. Douglas (University of Oregon )

Generation and Evaluation of Glyphs Representing Superclass-subclass Relationships (poster)
Noritaka Osawa (National Institute of Multimedia Education, Japan )

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