Hi, I am Junkun Chen.

I am a second-year Ph.D. student at Oregon State University, advised by Prof. Liang Huang. Before that, I was a member of FudanNLP Group, advised by Prof. Xipeng Qiu.

My research interest focuses on Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning.

Contact: chenjun2 [AT] oregonstate [DOT] edu

Publication (* denotes equal contribution)

Improving Simultaneous Translation by Incorporating Pseudo-References with Fewer Reorderings
Junkun Chen, Renjie Zheng, Atsuhito Kita, Mingbo Ma,Liang Huang
To appear in EMNLP 2021

SpecRec: An Alternative Solution for Improving End-to-End Speech-to-Text Translation via Spectrogram Reconstruction
Junkun Chen*, Mingbo Ma*, Renjie Zheng, Liang Huang
To appear in INTERSPEECH 2021

Fused Acoustic and Text Encoding for Multimodal Bilingual Pretraining and Speech Translation [Link]
Renjie Zheng*, Junkun Chen*, Mingbo Ma, Liang Huang
ICML 2021

Direct Simultaneous Speech-to-Text Translation Assisted by Synchronized Streaming ASR [Link]
Junkun Chen, Mingbo Ma, Renjie Zheng, Liang Huang
Findings of ACL 2021 (short)

VATEX: A Large-Scale, High-Quality Multilingual Dataset for Video-and-Language Research [Link]
Xin Wang, Jiawei Wu, Junkun Chen, Lei Li, Yuan-Fang Wang, William Yang Wang
ICCV 2019

Meta Multi-task Learning for Sequence Modeling [Link]
Junkun Chen, Xipeng Qiu, Pengfei Liu, Xuanjing Huang
AAAI 2018

Same representation, different attentions: Shareable sentence representation learning from multiple tasks [Link]
Renjie Zheng, Junkun Chen, Xipeng Qiu
IJCAI 2018


  • 2019.9-Now, Oregon State University
    • Ph.D. in Computer Science
    • Advisor: Prof. Liang Huang.
  • 2016.9-2019.6, Fudan University
    • M.Sc in Computer Science
    • Advisor: Prof. Xipeng Qiu.
  • 2012.9-2016.6, Central South University
    • B.E in Computer Science


  • 2018.6-2019.6, ByteDance AI Lab, Beijing