CS561 Milestone 2

  1. By now you should have a working solution. Take your previous document from Milestone 1, and add 2-3 pages describing:
    • a motivating example section. Typically this section contains some realistic code which presents the heart of the problem. You want to choose examples which are realistic (e.g., a simplified version of some real code from an app), but they are also complex enough to illustrate the main challenges that your research is trying to solve. This section illustrates the what part of your solution, not the how part.
    • a solution section. Typically, this can include some pseudocode along with some English description. You can reuse the motivating example, but now you present the HOW part of your solution. This section might change until the end of the project, especially when you start to evaluate your project against many more real-world projects.
    Use the ACM SIG template for preparing the document.
  2. You will also present in class your current progress. Cover the same points like in the previous bullet, you could even do a demo. Plan to talk for about 10 minutes.
    Each team should submit in Canvas the PDF and the Presentation Slides (PDF preferred, or PowerPoint) by 11am on 11/05. Your PDF file name should include the last names of the people in the team.
    for some of you, the scope of the project might have changed slightly from what you presented at Milestone1. If this is the case, update the content from Milestone1 to reflect the new scope. Also, update the section from Milestone1 that lists the research questions to also discuss why they are important and relevant.