CS562 Spring 2017


Tue and Thu, 14:00-15:50 PM
KEC 1001


Prof. Danny Dig (digd@eecs.oregonstate.edu)
Office: 3043 Kelly Engineering Center
Phone: (541) 737-8216
Hours: right after class


Caius Brindescu (brindesc@oregonstate.edu)
Hours: Wed 2:00 - 3:00 PM in the Kelley Attrium


The purpose of this research course is to expose students to seminal topics and recent trends in the field of software engineering. The topic of the course varies with each offering. For Spring 2017, the theme of the course will be "The Next Killer Features of Mobile Computing". Mobile devices represent the environment where end-users spend most of their time. According to Gartner, in 2016 more than 300 billion apps will be downloaded annually. In this course, we will explore state-of-the-art techniques for how to enable the next compelling use cases of mobile apps. We will be investigating (i) innovative future use of mobile computing and (ii) what are the research technical thrusts that enable the apps of the future. Our exploration will consist of in-class discussions of the literature and team projects that encourage risk taking.

The course will offer an opportunity for students to pursue research-oriented term projects in small teams (2-4 students). Students may pursue any project of their choosing that explores the intersection of software engineering, mobile development, and the cloud.


Course Syllabus


Date Presenter Readings
04/04 Danny Dig
04/06 Prerequisite quiz
04/11 Danny Dig
04/13 All Students Pitch Project Idea
04/18 Danny Dig
04/20 Caius Brindescu
04/25 Ameya Ketkar Classless Java: Interface-Based Programming for the Masses
04/27 Everyone Milestone 1
05/02 Sara Alhamar
Harshrajsinh Thakor
05/04 Students TBA
05/09 TBA Writer's Workshop
05/11 Everyone Milestone 2
05/16 Students TBA
05/18 Students TBA
05/23 ICSE 2017
05/25 ICSE 2017
05/30 Students TBA
06/01 Everyone Milestone 3
06/06 Students TBA
06/08 Students TBA
Finals Week Final Project