CS562 Milestone 3


Milestone 3 is the last one, and also serves as the last public presentation of your project. Unlike the previous milestones, the deliverables for this one is a presentation only. You will have a little more time (until Finals week) to submit the final document for your whole project.

During this Milestone you present the experimental evaluation of your solution and your results. Convince your colleagues, the professor, and potential conference reviewers that your solution works, i.e., your solution effectively solves the problems that you listed in the motivation section.

Structure your 10-minute presentation to include the following items:

    Make sure you explicitly list the research questions. Have specific questions, rather than generic questions. For example, if you built an amazing tool, Eradicator, a question such as "Is Eradicator useful?" is too vague. Instead, you should design some specific questions that answer the usefulness from different angles: how does Eradicator improve programmer productivity, software quality, what is its running time, is it scalable, etc.
    Here you present the setup of your experiment, the corpus of the data that you used to answer the research questions, any procedures that you followed, etc.
    Here you present the results using graphs, charts, etc. You also interpret the results, highlight some of the scenarios where Eradicator did very well, but also those where Eradicator did not do well. You can show examples of corner cases where Eradicator did not do well and possible explanations. When you present the results, in addition to simply showing graphs and charts, you need to address these questions:
    • What are the surprising/unexpected results?
    • What are the outliers?
    • What did you learn?
    • If you plan to add more data until the Final Submission, where will you get this new data?
    You will also present in class your current progress. Cover the same points like in the previous bullet, you could even do a demo. Plan to talk for about 10 minutes.


Each team should submit, the PDF and the Presentation Slides (PDF preferred, or PowerPoint), in Canvas, by 8am on 06/01.


The Final Project report document (due during the Finals Week) will include a section titled Empirical Evaluation. When you will add this section, make sure that you use the same structure that you used for the M3 presentation (outlined above). Also, in your final document, incorporate the feedback you received during previous Milestones, and the feedback you received in class for M3.