CS563 Spring 2019


Tue and Thu, 2:00-3:50 PM
KEC 1005


Prof. Danny Dig (digd@eecs.oregonstate.edu)
Office: 3043 Kelly Engineering Center
Phone: (541) 737-8216
Office Hours: right after class


The purpose of this research course is to expose students to seminal topics and recent trends in the field of Software Engineering, more precisely in Software Maintenance and Evolution. The theme topic of the course varies with each offering. For Spring 2019, the theme of the course will be software engineering for Mobile and IoT systems. With IoT, we are at the dawn of a technological revolution that rivals the industrial revolution. In this new era, intelligent computing becomes anticipatory, proactive, and adaptive. Whereas the current IoT version 1.0 consists of deploying sensors and actuators in the physical world, the next big growth in IoT systems will come from pushing pervasive personalized intelligence to the edge of the network, where latency is critical, and mobility, privacy, and context awareness are essential qualities of the application. This will enable an entirely new class of applications by generating business intelligence that is predictive instead of reactive, thus making processes more efficient and saving time, energy, and money.

We will be investigating (i) innovative future use of IoT software systems and (ii) what are the research technical thrusts that enable the applications of the future. Our exploration will consist of in-class discussions of the literature and team projects that encourage risk taking.

The course will offer an opportunity for students to pursue research-oriented or novel industrial term projects in small teams (2-4 students). Students may pursue any project of their choosing that explores the intersection of software maintenance and evolution, mobile and IoT systems.


Course Syllabus


This is a tentative schedule to give you an idea of the topics that we study in the class. Some of the assigned papers are likely to change based on the projects that students work on, once we finalize the list of course projects.
Date Presenter Readings
04/02 Danny Dig
04/04 Danny Dig
04/09 Danny Dig
04/11 All Students, Danny Dig
04/16 Danny Dig
04/18 Danny Dig
04/23 Danny Dig
04/25 Everyone, Danny Dig
  • Milestone 1
  • Chapter2: Put Your Dream to the Test (The Clarity Question)
04/30 Ameya
05/02 Jon Brewster (HP Fellow)
Danny Dig
  • Transitioning to Software 2.0
05/07 Braden
Danny Dig
05/09 Devhal
Danny Dig
05/14 Industry Executives @ IoT World'19
Danny Dig
  • Hugh Jedwill - Managing Director North America, Global Digital Innovation LabKimberly-Clark Creating Continuous 24/7 Connections with Consumers Leveraging IoT.
  • Keynote Panel Discussion: Sparking New Economies in Space: Pushing IoT to the Edge...and Beyond HEAR EXCLUSIVE INSIGHTS FROM NASA AND THE NATIONAL SPACE AGENCY ABOUT HOW IOT IN ENABLING SPACE TECH TO PROGRESS OUT OF THIS WORLD INCLUDING: Exclusive insights into the first MarksQuake detected in April 2019. Experience a live demo of the Mars Max Rover 5 robot. See how the Digital Twin has enabled NASA to utilize advanced adaptive manufacturing and print spare parts for the Internation Space Station, in space!
    *Chantelle Baier: Director National Space Society
    *Mark Hopkins: CEO, National Space Society
    *Darnell Isom: Designer Legacy Effects
    *Karlton Johnson: Chairman National Space Society Board of Governors
    *Christopher McKay: Senior Scientist Planetary Systems NASA Ames Research Center
    *Bruce Pittman: Chief System Engineer NASA Space Portal
    *Forrest Ridenhour: Systems Engineer NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    *Thom Stone: Senior Computer Scientist Millennium Integration and Engineering (MEI)
05/16 Industry Executives at IoT World'19
Danny Dig
Interview with Jason Shepherd, CTO at Dell Technologies
Demo Booths: SoftwareAg, Itron, Synthetic City Modeling
05/21 Everyone Milestone 2
05/23 Dan
Danny Dig
05/28 ICSE'19
  • Some students attend ICSE'19. All work on the projects.
05/30 Danny Dig
  • Chapter 5: Put Your Dream to the Test (The Pathway Question)
06/04 Everyone
06/06 Vijay
Danny Dig
Finals Week 06/12 Final Project