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Danny Dig

I've been playing guitar for the last 25 years of my life. I've played in all kinds of bands, from folk music to hard rock, from gospel to blues. Recently I've been playing with a jazz band. I no longer have time to tour the country and play in big concerts, but I still enjoy playing at special events.

Live Performances:

  • Grad students recruitment weekend @ OSU. Jazz and classical guitar with colleague Michael Rosulek. February 2014.
  • EECS Faculty reception @ OSU. Jazz/ bossa nova repertoire with Martin Erwig, including original compositions by me and Martin. December 2013.
  • CS@Illinois End of Semester Party. A jazz repertoire of winter holiday songs. Siebel Center for Computer Science, Dec 12th, 2009. Although I've played mostly jazz and jazz fusion, the students asked for some rock shredding at the end. One of the grad students posted a video on YouTube.
  • Musical Friday Extravaganza. Siebel Center for Computer Science, Oct 30th, 2007. Every Friday afternoon, the CS department at UIUC has a social event for grad students. I organized a musical event where I invited fellow musicians from the department to perform live. Brett Daniel, a fellow grad student joined me. Brett posted some pictures.
  • Culture Shock'06 held at Illini Union Rooms A, B, C on Saturday, Feb 11th, around 9:30PM (free entrance).

My current gear is an Ibanez RG3120 guitar that runs through a Digitech Artist 2120 effect processor into a Mesa/Boogie 20/20 amp. I am 100% for tube technology. I use Crate speakers. Add to this a CryBaby OriginalClassic Wah-Wah pedal and a BOSS RC-X20 loop station and you have a complete picture. I also play a classical, nylon-string guitar, made by Jose Ramirez.

You can hear some of my solo projects here (coming soon).

   Copyright 2005, Danny Dig.  All rights reserved.