The purpose of the workshop is to develop a research agenda for the future research on the foundations of spreadsheets. To facilitate the exchange of ideas, the workshop is organized into several interactive discussion sessions. Invited speakers will each provide a perspective to get the discussion going, and each participant will contribute from their views and expertise. Two of the invited speakers are:

The workshop discussion will be guided by a number of frame questions shown below. The workshop will start with a session in which participants introduce themselves and their research and can give a position statement.

Frame questions

The following collection of frame questions will help to guide the workshop discussions. Position statements (see below) would be most useful if they addressed one or more of these frame questions.

Workshop registration

You can register for the workshop on the following web site. (See the second pull-down menu in Section 3 of the form.)


Position statements

All registered participants are encouraged to send a position statement (1 paragraph to 1 page) by email to the Workshop chair. These position statements will be included in the workshop proceedings that will be distributed during the workshop. The position statements will provide an additional stimulus for discussions. Position statements will be most helpful that address one or more of the frame questions. The deadline for submitting a position statement is September 3, 2004.