Hossein Faraji

Ph.D. Student | Oregon State University | Laboratory of Robotics and Mechanics
Advisor:Ross Hatton

About Me

I am a PhD student in robotics at LRAM. I joined the OSU with the background in mechanical engineering in 2013. My current researches are understanding of impact dynamics, jumping spider and snake locomotion.

Research Interest

Robotics, Dynamic and Impact Dynamics, Control.

Current Research

Impact Dynamic

Impacts can be used for changing the direction of a moving object. A moving object in free flight can redirect its momentum by pulling on a tether connecting it to the ground or a heavier object. Specifically we are looking at the principles of the impact dynamic and its advantages in robotics. Through this research we identified the configuration that we can translate the pure translational energy to the pure rotational one.

Jumping Spider

Jumping spiders which are capable of aiming jump and are able to use their dragline for braking and motion control during the jump.

Snake Locomotion

Robot locomotion is a method that a robot uses to move from one point to another point using a mechanism to generate interaction forces with the surrounding environment. Snakes are capable of moving large distances while consuming very little energy. However, it is challenging work to understand and find an efficient gait for snake robots due to the large degree of freedom. In this research we are using the geometric mechanic to find the optimal gaits for the robot.


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H. Faraji, S. Veile, S. Hemleben, P. Zaytsev, J. Wright, H. Luchsinger, and R. L. Hatton, “Impulse redirection of a tethered projectile,” in Proceedings of ASME 2015 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference(DSCC 2015).

H. Faraji, and F. Barazandeh. "Analysis and simulation of a snake robot based on muscles and vertebrae anatomy of snake." Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part K: Journal of Multi-body Dynamics (2011): 1464419311427789.

Barazandeh, Farshad, Hossein Rahnamafard, Mehdi Rajabizadeh, and Hossein Faraji. "Engineering observation of lateral undulation in colubrid snakes for wheel-less locomotion." Robotica 30, no. 07 (2012): 1079-1093.