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School of Civil and Construction Engineering
101 Kearney Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331

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Current Team Members


Ali A. Karakhan, PhD Student

MS in Civil Engineering (2011), University of Baghdad, Iraq
BS in Building and Construction Engineering (2008), University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

Research Interest:
Construction Safety, Six Sigma, Quality Management

Office: 220 Owen Hall

E-mail: karakhaa@oregonstate.edu

  Ali was born in Baghdad, the capital city of Iraq. He worked and lectured at the University of Baghdad for about one and a half years before joining OSU to start his doctoral studies in Civil Engineering. He loves teaching, and plans to go back to teaching after finishing his PhD program. Outside school, tennis has become his favorite hobby. He enjoys playing tennis on OSU courts regularly. Ali is also married, and has recently added two twin girls to his family.


Mohammed Azeez, PhD Student

MS in Civil Engineering (2012), University of Baghdad, Iraq
BS in Building and Construction Engineering (2008), University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

Research Interest:
Safety, Time-Cost Optimization, Ant Colony Optimization.

Office: 208 Owen Hall

E-mail: azeezm@oregonstate.edu

  Mohammed was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq. He also finished both his undergraduate and master’s studies there in Baghdad. Mohammed worked in the construction industry, mainly in infrastructure projects, carrying out different jobs for more than four years. Mohammed loves spending time with his family, including talking with his family back home and travelling around with his wife here in the US. He has a new baby girl who was born in 2016. Among his hobbies are reading, traveling, and watching soccer and basketball matches.


Ziyu Jin, PhD Student

MS in Engineering Management (2012), Syracuse University, NY, USA
BS in Construction Management (2010), Suzhou University of Science and Technology, Suzhou, China

Research Interest:
BIM application in temporary structures, work zone safety, computer integrated construction

Office: 211 Kearney Hall

E-mail: jinzi@oregonstate.edu

  Ziyu was born and raised in Suzhou, China. After she finished her bachelor's degree from Suzhou, China in Construction Management, she started to study and work overseas. During her graduate study in Syracuse University, Ziyu was able to deepen her understanding of construction field from other perspectives, and strengthen her technical competence. Before joining doctoral study in OSU, Ziyu worked as assistant project manager for more than two years in New York City. “Experience is not enough”, the campaign in Department of Building inspired her to continue her study. In her free time, Ziyu enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and photography.


Abdulaziz Alotaibi, MS Student

BS in Civil Engineering (2014), Umm Al-Oura University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Research Interest:
Construction safety, Quality, Lean construction

Office: 211 Kearney Hall

E-mail: alotai8@oregonstate.edu

  I was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. When I first started my undergraduate studies in engineering, I was not quite clear what my career goals were. I was sure that I was doing what I loved. In 2014, I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Umm Al-Qura University in Saudi Arabia. I worked as a civil engineer for one year at Dar Al-Handash Consultants. During my work period, I assisted the aforementioned company in mediating between the Saudi Financial Ministry and the contractor's responsibility. Subsequently, I received an offer from the Islamic University of Madinah in 2016. The university wanted me to work as a teaching assistant and attend Master and PhD degree programs in an elite Civil Engineering Department in the United States. In 2017, I got a certificate (EAP) from University of California, Riverside before joining OSU to start my Master's program in Civil Engineering. I am married and I am expecting a girl to add her to my family soon. My hobbies are reading, traveling, and playing volleyball and soccer.


Ola Al-saffar, MS Student

BS in Building and Construction Engineering (2008), University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

Research Interest:
Construction health and safety, diversity and inclusion in construction

Office: 208 Owen Hall

E-mail: alsaffao@oregonstate.edu

  Ola was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq. She finished her undergraduate studies in Building and Construction Engineering from the University of Technology in 2010. After graduation, she worked as a laboratory instructor for the University of Baghdad. Following that, she moved to the United States and became interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Civil Engineering. Ola’s hobbies include traveling, cooking, reading, and drinking different types of coffee.


Wei-Hsuen Lee, PhD Student

MEng in Civil Engineering (2019), Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
MS in Mechanical Engineering (2015), Tatung University, Taipei, Taiwan
BS in Mechanical Engineering (2012), Tatung University, Taipei, Taiwan

Research Interest:
Construction safety, quality engineering, and safety design

Office: 211 Kearney Hall

E-mail: leewei@oregonstate.edu

  Wei-Hsuen was born and raised in Taipei, ROC. He earned his undergraduate and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Tatung University in Taiwan. His research topic in his Master’s program was related to the effects from environmental vibration. After he finished his program at Tatung University, he changed his major to Civil Engineering and studied for another Master’s degree at OSU. His work experience on construction sites made him decide to keep studying for a PhD. During his free time, he likes to watch tennis and basketball games.


Previous Student Researchers

Ding Liu
PhD, Civil Engineering, 2019
"Evaluating Industrialization Rate in Construction: A Quantification Model"

Chukwuma Nnaji
PhD, Civil Engineering, 2018
"Enhancing Technology Integration in the Construction Industry: A Focus on Safety Technologies"

MS, Civil Engineering, 2015
"Framework for Measuring Construction Project Performance using Energy"

Kasim AlOmari
PhD, Civil Engineering, 2017
"Degrees of Connectivity: A Systematic Accident Causation Model"

Ali Jafarnejad
MS, Civil Engineering, 2017
"Investigation of Effectiveness of Radar Speed Signs and Additional Lighting for Speed Control in Highway Construction and Maintenance Work Zones"

Catarina Pestana
PhD, Civil Engineering, 2016
“Multi-Criteria Risk Mapping Using Lean Tools for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry”

Fan Zhang
PhD, Civil Engineering, 2016
“Introducing the Concept of Foundational Attributes and Project Metabolism to Assess Construction Project Similarity”

Ali Moghaddam Vahed
MS, Civil Engineering, 2015
“Framework for Assessing the Potential Safety Performance of Construction Mechanical and Electrical Field Employees”

Amrutha Das
MS, Civil Engineering, 2014
"Risk and Reliability Associated with Use and Reuse of Vertical Formwork"

Nicholas Tymvios
PhD, Civil Engineering, 2013
"Direction, Method, and Model for Implementing Design for Construction Worker Safety in the US"

Vineeth Dharmapalan
MS, Civil Engineering, 2011
"Risk Factor Quantification of Design Elements for Multistory Commercial Office Buildings"

William Dunford
BS, Civil Engineering Engineering in Context Project, University of Nottingham, 2011
"Health and Safety and Sustainability Comparison of the UK and US Construction Industries"

Matthew Hallowell
PhD, Civil Engineering, 2008
"A Formal Model for Construction Safety and Health Risk Management"

Kelsey Edwardsen
BS, Civil Engineering, Honors International Degree, 2007
"Project Coordinator's Perspective on Planning the Project: Clean water supply in the remote villages of El Naranjito and Las Mercedes, El Salvador"

Sathyanarayanan Rajendran
PhD, Civil Engineering, 2006
"Sustainable Construction Safety and Health Rating System"

MS, Civil Engineering, 2004
"Sustainable Roadway Construction: A Study of the Material Waste Generation in the Life Cycle of Roadways"

Deanna Carpenter
MS, Civil Engineering, 2005
"Effects of Contract Delivery Method on the LEEDTM Score of U.S. Navy Military Construction Projects (Fiscal Years 2004-2006)"

Jean Pol Armijos-Leray
MS, Civil Engineering, 2005
"Decision Support System in Highway Concession (BOT) Projects for Developing Countries: Case Study in Ecuador"

Carl Christianson
BS, Construction Engineering Management, Honors, 2005
"Design for Construction Safety: A Case Study with Architect's Perceptions"

Lei Liu
MS, Civil Engineering, 2004
"A Cost-Benefit Assessment of the CM/GC Delivery System Based on Post-Project Evaluations and Oregon Public Project Data"

Michael Behm
PhD, Public Health, 2004 (Minor Professor)
"Establishing the Link between Construction Fatalities and Disabling Injuries and the Design for Construction Safety Concept"

Phillip Eykelbosch
BS, Construction Engineering Management, Honors International Studies, 2004
"Artificial Islands and Land Reclamation as an Option for Coastal City Expansion: A Comparison in Methods between Japan and the Netherlands"

Ian Machan
MS, Civil Engineering, 2003
"Determining the Appropriate Staging of Highway Construction"

Pablo Zapata
MS, Civil Engineering, 2003
"Life Cycle Analysis of Asphalt and Steel Reinforced Concrete"

Heather Turner
MS, Civil Engineering, 2002
"Owner Safety Practices in State Transportation Agencies"

Matthew Hewitt
MS, Civil Engineering, 2002
"Maximizing Construction Automation Implementation"

James Hoy
MS, Civil Engineering, 2001
"Automated Construction Technology Survey"

Joe McCormick
MS, Civil Engineering, 2001 (Minor Professor)
"Essential Elements of a Risk Management Program for a Small Engineering Consulting Firm"

Open Positions

Graduate Student Research Assistants (GRAs) 

The group may have positions open for well-qualified graduate students soon. Please inquire about details.

Post-Doc and Visiting Professor Positions

The group may have positions open for experienced researchers. Recent PhD graduates and other established researchers with technical expertise similar to that described herein are encouraged to inquire about open positions.