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Sponsor a Student or Study


Construction engineering research often involves researchers working collaboratively with industry partners to advance knowledge of construction engineering and improve industry practices and performance. Efforts to maintain, enhance, and grow the construction engineering research program are on-going.

Opportunities exist to assist and support research studies. Some examples of support that would be of particular benefit are:

  • Provide funding, a scholarship, or a fellowship to support a student researcher
  • Sponsor a research study on a specific topic
  • Provide matching funds for a current study or an upcoming research proposal
  • Provide access to construction sites and/or project data for a research study
  • Enable/assign employees of your firm to work on a research study

If you are interested in supporting the research in any way, please contact Dr. John Gambatese by e-mail at john.gambatese@oregonstate.edu, or by phone at 541-737-8913.