[My ugly mug] Welcome to my web pages. I am a Research Associate Professor in the School of MIME. I am affiliated with the Robotics group, Human-Centered computing, and Graphics and Visualization. Previously, I was an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. If there's something that you're interested in, or want to know, and it's not on these pages, then send me email and ask.

My CV.

It's that time of year again, when I receive many emails asking if I have space in my research group, a PhD position, or will you please read my CV. I do not answer these emails. All applicants must go through the admissions process; I do not make individual hiring decisions. Your application will be reviewed and ranked by a group of faculty, at which point the top applicants will be selected.

If you have a specific question about the kinds of research I do, please feel free to ask; put RQ: in the subject line. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student at OSU, please feel free to make an appointment to come talk to me.

What's New?

Robots at Cornell College
A collaboration with my former PhD student, Prof. Ross Sowell, to bring robotics to Cornell College.[April 29, 2014]

New Sketching Video
A second video using the JustDrawIt system to create a tower.[March 1, 2012]

News article
My 20 minutes of fame in the Record. Thanks, Rennie, for doing such an excellent job applying subtle gaze direction to mammography training![January 1, 2012]

Sabbatical at Adobe
A video of the sketching interface (JustDrawIt) I developed while on sabbatical at Adobe.[July 1, 2011]

Biomedical Engineering course at SIGGRAPH
Biomedical course notes from Siggraph 2010. Funded in part by NSF grant 0702662.[August 1, 2010]


My calendar. I am generally in from 8:30-10:30 and 12:30-4:30 every day.

My advice on how not to write an NSF grant.

My suggestions on how to survive flying with one or more children.

Source code in Sourceforge for mesh processing, feature finding, and surface normals from point clouds.

Curvature paper data files.

Volume Viewer, a user-friendly, 3D image segmentation program.

C++ notes for people who know the syntax but are looking for a bit of practical suggestions and information on what actually happens in the compiler and linker.

The Siggraph course material:

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