Assignment 2

Due Date: Friday, Feburary 5th, 11:59 PM



For Assignment 2, you and your team are charged with creating a more usable version of Aces Up.

Our company ran some focus group testing after version 1, and every user complained that the interface was unusable. You are now tasked with creating a more usable interface (View)

Leaning Goals for this Assignment

This assignment will help you learn the following:
  • Work with a team to design a user interface
  • Communiciate your design of a user interface
  • Divide tasks among team members
  • Use Github Issue Tracking, Pull Requests, and Branches correctly

Tasks for this Assignment

To complete this assignment, each group needs to do the following:

  • Get a working copy of the code from Assignment 1 and put it in your Assignment 2 repo. You may use your code from Assignment 1, or you may pull the code from the cs361-W16/Assignment1 repo
  • Decide on a target platform and layout for your application, as well as a description of the user you are targeting. This will inform your design. Designing for a vertical iPad layout is much different then a 16:9 laptop screen. Input method also will inform design decisions. The type of user you are targeting will also influence things. You should record this in your repo wiki on github.
  • Create 3 different designs per team member on paper Each team member should come up with 3 different designs for the application. These should be hand drawn on paper. One drawing per sheet of paper. Each drawing should be labeled with the authors name. You will turn in these drawing as a part of this assignment.
  • As a group choose the 3 best designs As a group, you should vote the three best designs that you like from all the paper prototypes (there should be 3 per person in your team).
  • Merge best ideas from top 3 designs into a single paper protype Work together as a group to create a new paper drawing that incorporates the best ideas from the 3 top choices. For this last one, you will need to turn in three different versions of the same design.
    1) Regular: This is how it will look when the user is in the middle of playing a game.
    2) Blank: This is how it will look when the user starts a new game.
    3) Error: This is how it will look when the user tries to do an illigal move.
  • Implement paper prototype as new view for your application This will include:
    divide work up so that each team member has at least one task.
    Input tasks into Github Issue Tracker, and assign each team member at least one task.
    Each team member should write implementation code in a feature branch
    Each team member should have at least one pull request
    Each team member should comment on another team members pull request

Turning In and Late Policy

To turn in this assignment, someone on your team should make an commit with the string "Assignment 2" in the commit message before, February, 5th 11:59pm.
You will get your grade during the Grading meeting you will schedule with the TA or the Instructor the next Monday or Tuesday.

Each team will have three late days to use for any milestone during the term. These late days will not be given automatically. If you intend to use your late day, you must email the instructor BEFORE the deadline.

Grading Rubric

Here is how this assignment will be graded. Notice that there will be both individual and group scores

Group Grading
% Item
5 Get a functioning version of game in your repo
5 Add wiki page describing target framework, layout and user
10 Select top 3 individual prototypes
15 Paper Prototype (With three states: Regular, Blank, and Error)
10 Divide implementation into tasks, at least one per teammate
5 Input tasks in Github Issue Tracker + assign to Team member
50% Total:

Individual Grading

% Item Team Member 1 Team Member 2 Team Member 3 Team Member 4
15 Develop 3 different paper prototypes
10 Implement at least one Task
5 Code merged into Project from Pull Request
5 Has issue assigned in Github Issue Tracker
5 Constructive Comments on another team member’s Pull Request
10 Attend Grading meeting
50% Total