Innovative Concrete Materials

Our research group focuses on the prediction of long-term durability and characterization of early-age volume change of cement-based materials. Our multi-scale approach results in translational research that combines fundamental scientific understanding with the improvement and development of test methods and specifications that enhance concrete performance. We are recognized experts in concrete durability, namely alkali-silica reaction, early-age properties of calcium aluminate cements and characterization and prediction of drying shrinkage in high performance concrete. Research is conducted in the suite of Infrastructure Materials Laboratories located in Graf Hall, Merryfield Hall and at the Green Building Materials Laboratory

In 2017 the 3rd Corvallis Workshop and 1st Doctoral Short Course in Corvallis will be held with the theme Service Life Prediction of Concrete.

Recent Publications

Influence of aggregate type on conversion and strength in calcium aluminate cement concrete
Adams, M.P. and Jason H. Ideker
Cement and Concrete Research, Vol 100, October 2017, pp. 284-296
Impact Factor: 4.762, 5-year Impact Factor: 5.872, as of 06/30/2017

Development of Shrinkage Limit Specification for High Performance Concrete Used in Bridge Decks
Tengfei Fu, Tyler Deboodt and Jason H. Ideker
Cement and Concrete Composites, Vol 72, September 2016, pp. 17-26
Impact Factor: 4.265, 5-year Impact Factor: 4.970, as of 06/30/2017

A COMSOL-GEMS PSI Interface for Modeling Coupled Reactive-transport Geochemical Processes
Azad, V.J., Li, C., Verba, C., Ideker, J.H. and Isgor, O.B.,
Computers & Geosciences, V 92, July 2016, pp. 79-89.
Impact Factor: 2.533, 5-year Impact Factor: 2.818, as of 06/30/2017

Alkali–silica reaction: Current Understanding of the Reaction Mechanisms and the Knowledge Gaps
Farshad Rajabipour, Eric Giannini, Cyrille Dunant, Jason H. Ideker, Michael D.A. Thomas
Cement and Concrete Research, V 76, 2015, pp. 130-146
Impact Factor: 4.762, 5-year Impact Factor: 5.872, as of 06/30/2017