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Current Personel

Graduate Students

Tyler Deboodt joined the group in Fall 2009 and completed his M.S.C.E with a focus using fine lightweight aggregate and/or shrinkage reducing admixtures to reducing shrinkage and crakcing in ODOT's high performance concrete bridge decks. Tyler worked for 2 years as a faculty research assistant from 2012-2013 overseeing research activites of the group and leading efforts on our fiber-cement project sponsored by Weyerheasuer. In the fall of 2013 Tyler officially enrolled as a PhD student. He is co-advised by Dr. O. Burkan Isgor and is working on multi-scale imaging and analysis techniques to assess the performance of cement-based systems.

Matt Adams joined the group in Fall 2010 and completed his M.S.C.E with a focus on durability of recycled concrete aggregates on a project sponsored by OTREC. Matt is currently a PhD candidate investigating early-age volume change and durability of calcium-aluminate cement based materials

Chang Li is a PhD student who investigates mitigation of ASR using fine lightweight aggregate

David Rodriguez is co-advised with Dr. O. Burkan Isgor. He is working on ODOT SPR 780 Strategies to Increase the Service Life of Bridge Decks

Undergraduate Students

Devan Darsow, Winter 2015-present

Christine Baker, Fall 2014-present

Aaron Strand, Summer 2014-present

Quentin Harris, Fall 2014-present

Research Group Alumni Members

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Tengfei Fu is the Structures Research Coordinator at the Oregon Department of Transportation. He completed his M.S. in February or 2011 with a focus on early-age properties of high performance concrete and calcium aluminate cement concrete. He also was a Post-Doctoral Scholar for the Green Building Materials Laboratory

Graduate Students

Ben Sohn completed his MS while focusing on assessing combined forms of concrete deterioration (ASR and corrosion of reinforcing steel). He is co-advised by Dr. O. Burkan Isgor. He is now employed by Oregon State University in Kerr Administration Business Office

Jose Banuelos completed a masters degree working on reducing early-age cracking risk in high performance concrete using low shrinkage mixtures and blended fibers in Spring of 2014. He is currently employed in Bend, Oregon with BECON Engineers

Circe Verba completed a PhD focusing on CO2 sequestration and the impacts on cement and well bore integrity in 2013 under the co-supervision of Dr. Mark Reed (University of Oregon). She works at NETL in Albany, Oregon

Anthony Bentivegna completed a PhD focusing on Multi-Scale Characterization, Implementation, and Monitoring of Calcium Aluminate Cement Based-Systems. He works at CTL Group in Chicago, Illinois

Skyler Warner, an avid boarder, joined the group in Fall of 2010 and is working on a project sponsored by NAVFAC-ESC investigating ASR mitigation with fly ash and ternary blends of SCMs

Kelsea Schumacher graduated with a master's degree in December 2010 and is currently pursing a Ph.D. at The University of Delaware

Thanh Phan joined the research group in Summer 2010 and completed his M.S.C.E. while working on two projects: impacts of climate change on infrastructure and testing of calcium aluminate cement concrete. He is employed with Kiewit.

Undergraduate Students

Andrew Bryan, Summer 2014-present

Ian Leondard, Summer 2014

Nick Breisach

Silas Shields

Kristina Milaj

Andrew Wilson

Monica Morales was an undergraduate research assistant in the lab helping to support the graduate students on a variety of projects related to sustainable concrete development. She is now an MS student working with Dr. . Burkan Isgor

Travis Moore

Sean Gertz

Chad Anderson

Brian Gray, provided support to the graduate students and also works on durability of recycled concrete aggregates incorporated into fresh concrete.

Deanna Amneus investigated the potential for recycled concrete aggregates to participate in alkali-silica reaction.

Max Cummings joined the research group in 2010 and helped on the ODOT Internal Curing Project and making great concrete benches and support equipment for the lab!

Dr. Ideker at the marine exposure site on Treat Island near Eastport, Maine.