Current Research

2018-present CalTrans, “Impact of use of portland-limestone cement on concrete performance as plain or reinforced material,” W. Jason Weiss, O. Burkan Isgor, Jason H. Ideker, David Trejo

2018-present Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI), “Development of a performance-based mixture proportioning procedure for concrete incorporating off-spec fly ash,” O. Burkan Isgor, Jason H. Ideker, David Trejo, W. Jason Weiss

2017-Present Siam Cement Group, “The Influence of Expansive Additives on Early Age Shrinkage and Stress Development,” W. Jason Weiss and Jason H. Ideker

2017-2018 Accelerated ASR Test Method Verification, Turner Fairbanks Highway Research Center – Jussara Tanesi and Ahmed Ardani, The University of Texas at Austin – Thano Drimalas, Oregon State University - Jason H. Ideker

2017-2018 NSF, Graduate Student Workshop on Service Life Prediction of Concrete, CMMI 1740540, Jason H. Ideker (PI), O. Burkan Isgor, Co-PI

2017-2018 ACI Concrete Research Council, “Unified Guidance on Producing Durable Concrete”, Jason H Ideker (PI), Kimberley E. Kurtis (Co-PI), Michael D.A. Thomas (Co-PI) and Anthony F. Bentivegna