Research Areas

  • Solution Processed Semiconductors

    We grow grow semiconductors via lost-cost, scalable, solution-based techniques such as spin-coating or spray-casting. Understanding and optimizing deposition conditions is crucial for high performance films.

  • Hybrid Halide Compounds

    Hybrid organic-metal perovskites and related compounds possess a range of interesting opto-electronic properties and show great promise for solar energy applications.

  • Organic Semiconductors

    A huge library of organic semiconductors exist, possessing an enormous range of optical and electronic properties, allowing unprecedented control over the attributes of electronic devices.

  • Amorphous Metal Oxides

    Electron transport in metal oxide semiconductors primarily takes place through spherical ns-type orbitals, significantly reducing the dependence of performance on structural order.

  • Contactless Microwave Conductivity

    This is a technique to rapidly characterize the electronic properties of semiconductors without the need to deposit electrodes; significantly reducing ambiguity with respect to device-based methods.

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  • Thin Film Transistors

    Thin film transistors enable a range of charge-transport studies and proof-of-principle device demonstrations, employing a range of potential semiconductor systems.

  • Solar Cells

    We study the properties of solar cells based on a range of novel materials, with the goal of improving power conversion efficiency, stability and reliability.

  • Charge Transport Models

    The charge transport process in flexible devices based on disordered semiconductor are distinct from traditional devices; we develop mathematical models to better describe this behavior.

Poster Archive

2019 - Minji Hong – Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting 2019 Boston.

Electronic Stability of Lead Halide Perovskites via Time Resolved Microwave Conductivity.