about me

My research career to date has been built around the study of motion generation for interactive characters in games, animation, and virtual environments. The vast majority of my work involved the use of data driven techniques to generate either articulated motion or character behavior (planning, navigation) , or both. As such, there was typically a ‘human’ component to my work in that the goal was not simply to create believable motion, but to facilitate control and/or creation by the user.

This human component of computing and graphics in general grew as an interest of mine, leading to a research direction change approximately 2 years ago. I was particularly intrigued by the general field of human-computer interaction and by the future problems being created by the flood of data entering our daily lives. I therefore decided to shift my focus from graphics and animation to human-computer interaction with a focus on information visualization – a field that would allow me to continue to work in the field of graphics but to focus , more explicitly, on the human side and how to support people in dealing with large and ubiquitous data sources

My current research interest is in gaining an understanding of how the everyday user is affected by the large amount of data available to them and how they can and do use this data to solve problems and inform decisions and behavior change in their everyday lives. I am particularly interested in the user-centered design of visual interaction methods to facilitate this process.