CS 457/557 -- Winter Quarter 2017

Shaders Final Project

100 Points

Due: Wednesday, March 22, 23:59:59, no Bonus Days

A one-page project proposal is due to me by noon on Friday, February 24

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Examples from Previous Years

I have most of the final project reports from previous years in my office. Come see them if you'd like.

The Turn-In Process:

  1. Your electronic turnin will be done at http://engr.oregonstate.edu/teach and will consist of:
    1. Image files
    2. All source files (.c, .cpp, .rib, .sl, .glib, .vert, .frag, .geom)
    3. Your PDF report.

    Electronic submissions are due at 23:59:59 on Wednesday, March 22.
    Note: Bonus Days cannot be used on this project. Sorry. I've already made the due date as late as I can.

  2. In addition, I also want a stapled paper copy of your report for my collection. Grayscale is OK, color is better.