CS 457/557 -- Winter Quarter 2017

Project #1

Elliptical Dots

60 Points

Due: January 23

This page was last updated: January 17, 2017


  1. Use RenderMan to render some geometry (your choice), covered with elliptical dots.

  2. The definition of "elliptical dot" is somewhat flexible. But, they must be predictably elongated, as set from the .rib file.

  3. The A and B diameters must be set on the Surface line in the .rib file, like this:

    Surface "ovals" "Ad" 0.025 "Bd" 0.10

  4. Apply RenderMan lighting.

  5. This must be done procedurally, i.e., with equations in a Surface Shader program. No external textures allowed.

  6. The choice of geometry is up to you. Keep it simple at first, then, if there is still time, feel free to get more creative.


The Turn-In Process:

  1. Your turnin will be done at http://engr.oregonstate.edu/teach and will consist of:
    1. All source files (.rib, .sl) You can zip this all together if you want.
    2. Your PDF report describing what you did, why it works, and all of your images. Do not put your PDF into your zip file. Leave it out separately so my collect-all-the-PDFs script can find it.

    Submissions are due at 23:59:59 on the listed due date.

  2. Your PDF turnin will consist of:
    1. A cover page (name, Project #1)
    2. Source listings (.rib, .sl)
    3. A prose explanation of what you did and why it worked. (Your submission will not be considered valid unless you can explain why it works.)
    4. One or more color images showing what your results were


Any periodic color variation10
Smooth elliptical dots20
Correct elongation30
Potential Total60