CS 457/557 -- Winter Quarter 2017

Project #6

Salmon Poster

60 Points

Due: March 7

This page was last updated: March 3, 2017


  1. You have seen the "theme-object" posters in the CGEL. Now it is your turn to achieve everlasting fame!

  2. Do the coolest thing you can think of to a scene with at least one salmon in it. You can use either RenderMan or GLSL.

  3. If you want to use the GLSL API, we will cover it soon, but you should start prototyping with glman now. If you need to know the API before then, take a look at the notes or come see me.

The Turn-In Process:

Your electronic turnin will be done at http://engr.oregonstate.edu/teach and will consist of the usual PDF report explaining what you did and how you did it, plus:

  1. All source files (.c, .cpp, .rib, .sl, .glib, .vert, .frag, .geom)
  2. At last one BMP image file.

Be sure your PDF file is turned in separately from any .zip files.

Electronic submissions are due at 23:59:59 on the due date listed.

Examples from Previous Years

2006 Teapot Poster
2007 Cow Poster
2009 Dino Poster
2010 Ducky Poster
2011 Vase Poster
2012 Torus Poster
2013 Cat Poster
2014 Dog Poster


Did it20
Did it well20
Did it really well20
Potential Total60