CS 419v/519v -- Winter Quarter 2020

Project #1

100 Points

Due: January 19

Create Your Own Vulkan Vertex Data

This page was last updated: December 1, 2019


If you look at the file SampleVertexData.cpp, you will see how the cube from the sample code was defined. Your job is to do the same thing, but with a different object.

I recommend you copy the Sample2019 folder and replace the file SampleVertexData.cpp with your own definition. I also recommend you use nothing but triangles. That way, nothing else needs to change from the Sample2019.

Define your object using a continuous stream of vertices. Vulkan can also do Index Buffers, but we will come to that later.

Keyboard Keys

'm'Toggle display mode (textures vs. colors)
'r'Toggle rotation-animation and using the mouse
Esc, 'q'Exit the program


Use the Teach system to turn in your:

  1. Your SampleVertexData.cpp file
  2. A one-page PDF with a title, your name, your email address, a nice screen shot from your program, and the link to the Kaltura video demonstrating that your project does what the requirements ask for. Narrate your video so that you can tell me what you did.


Did it100
Potential Total100