CS 453/553

Getting GLUI and GLUT for your Own PC

This page was last updated: March 28, 2019


If you want to work on the projects on a Windows PC, you will need a copy of Visual C++. Then, you will need to get the GLUI and GLUT files as follows (right-click on each link and then click "Save Target As..."):

If you do not have write permission to the C: drive, then place the .h and .lib files in your VC++ project directory, that is, where your .dsw file was created. Place .dll files in the Debug or release folders under that directory.


Building Your Own GLUI

If you need to build your own version of GLUI, click here to get the tar file of GLUI source. This includes the custom-developed horizontal range slider.

Or, click here to get a ZIP file of the GLUI routines.