Shader Global Variables

Latest update: April 1, 2006

CscolorVaryingInput surface color
OscolorVaryingInput surface opacity
PpointVaryingInput and output surface position
dPdupointVaryingChange in surface position wrt u
dPdvpointVaryingChange in surface position wrt v
NvectorVaryingInput and Output surface shading normal
NgvectorVaryingSurface geometric normal (for culling)
u,vfloatVaryingSurface parameters
du,dvfloatVaryingChange in u,v across element
s,tfloatVaryingSurface texture coordinates (usually = u,v)
LvectorVaryingDirection from surface to light source
ClcolorVaryingIncoming light color
OlcolorVaryingIncoming light opacity
EpointUniformPosition of camera
IvectorVaryingDirection from viewing point to the surface point
CicolorVaryingOutput surface color
OicolorVaryingOutput surface opacity
ncompsfloatUniformNumber of components in each color
timefloatUniformCurrent shutter time
dtimefloatUniformAmount of time covered by this shading sample
dPdtimevectorVaryingHow this point is changinf wrt time