Using Shell/AWK scripts "hsp", "hstrip", and "hpurge":
        *	"hsp [file_name]"
    	Same as doing "hspice [file_name].sp > [file_name].lis"
        *	"hstrip [file_name].lis [out_name]"
    	Will takeout (strip) unnecessary portion of the
    	HSPICE output file (*.lis) and will create three new files
    	"[out_name].dcX", "[out_name].acX" & "[out_name].trX"
    	according to the ".PRINT" statements in HSPICE input file (*.sp).
    	(You should also have ".option ingold=1" in *.sp file.)
    	The new files can either be read into MATLAB or plotted using
    	another plotting tool such as "xgraph".
    	e.g. xgraph [out_name].dcX (striaghtforward plot)
    	     xgraph -lnx [out_name].acX (x-axis in log scale)
            "xgraph" executable at ~moon/ece323/xgraph (binary for LINUX)
        *	"hpurge"
    	Will remove/delete all files generated in the process of running
    	HSPICE, but will preserve the "*.sp" files.
    	(A way to clean up the working directory.)