Tips @ ECE/Oregon State Univ.

Created by Tetsuya Kajita and gang


SwitCap Tips
How to batch SwitCap2 simulation.
Where can I get the manual?

HSpice Tips
How to fight against internal time step error.
Star-HSPICE (98.2) BUG report.

Cadence Tips
Slowly updated but may useful, especially for beginner, since I'm a beginner.

Eldo Tips
How to use Eldo at ECE Dept.
The noise transient analysis tips.

Matlab Tips
How to run Matlab in background.
This is very useful, but not described well in the Matlab manual.

UNIX Tools

LaTeX Tips
How to include Xfig file with LaTeX format letters.
How to put two figures next to each other.
How to make slides for presentations.

Emacs Tips
xmodmap: swap the Caps Lock key to Ctrl. Very good for emacs.

Postscript Tips
How to modify your postscript file (thanks José)

Research Help

Usage of
Good to be an IEEE member. Better to know how it works.

Reference Books
I would like to introduce good reference books.

Conference Schedule
We will see what's coming next.

Remote Access to the CD Network
You can use CD database on your PC. INSPEC is the powerfull database for circuits people and its instruction is now available. (thanks John)

LaTeX2e style file for OSU Thesis
I can't find it at Graduate School website. However Gowri at CS Dept made these. You may find more info at CS Grad Students Program web site. Thanks to Gowri.

Tetsuya Kajita:
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Electrical and Computer Engineering / Oregon State University
since 1999/09/09

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