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Research Overview

Welcome to the home page of the Microscale Thermal and Flow Phenomena Imaging Laboratory, part of the Thermal/Fluid Sciences Research laboratories at Oregon State University. This group is supervised by Dr. Vinod Narayanan.

Our group conducts basic and applied research in thermal and fluid transport. Applications include thermal management of electronics and other high-flux sources, absorption refrigeration, solar thermochemical processing of fuels, passive pumping of fluids, and recently, hydrogen storage thermal management.



Jet Impingement

droplet boiling

Droplet/Spray Impingement

temp dist

Microchannels- Single Phase


Thermally-actuated Pumping

therml en man

microchannel two phase

Microchannels- Phase Change


Flow Diagnostics

ir viz

Thermal Imaging


(a) Solar Energy

(b) Hydrogen Storage Thermal Management


Absorption Refrigeration

We examine three major methods of heat removal for thermal management: jet impingement, droplets/spray impingement, and microchannels. Enhancement of thermal transport by these methods using passive methods, such as by use of surface modifications, fluid property modifications (nanofluids), and use of inherent flow oscillations are considered. Our belief is that greater energy efficiency can be achieved by use of passive enhancement methods.

Both experimental and modeling work is performed by our group. Experimental work relies substantially on development and use of minimally intrusive techniques to elucidate the physical mechanisms of transport.

Research sponsors include the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, NASA, Office of Naval Research, Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI), and the Oregon BEST center.

This website presents some of the key aspects of our work, along with references for more detailed information. The lab home page is arranged according to research categories that can either be selected using the panel of tabs on the left or by using the illustrative figure above. Visitors interested in a casual perusal of our research might find it of interest to visit the Media Gallery link.

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