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I am a Machine Learning PhD graduate student at Oregon State University. My interests are in Reinforcement Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Robotics. I am currently working on eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI).


Andrew Anderson, Jonathan Dodge, Amrita Sadarangani, Zoe Juozapaitis, Evan New-man, Jed Irvine, Souti Chattopadhyay, Matthew Olson, Alan Fern, and Margaret Burnett. Mental models of mere mortals with explanations of reinforcement learning. Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems, 2020. pdf

Matthew Olson, Lawrence Neal, Fuxin Li, Weng-Keen Wong. Counterfactual States for Atari Agents via Generative Deep Learning. International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence workshop on Explainable AI. Macao, China, August 2019. pdf

Lawrence Neal, Matthew Olson, Weng-Keen Wong, Xiaoli Fern, Fuxin Li. Open Set Learning with Counterfactual Images. Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV). 2018. pdf

Arpit Christi, Matthew Olson, Mohammad Amin Alipour, and Alex Groce. Reduce Before You Localize: Delta-Debugging and Spectrum-Based Fault Localization IEEE International Workshop on Debugging and Repair. Memphis, Tennessee, October 2018. pdf

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