CS252. User Interface Design

Lecture Outline for Jan. 5
Introduction - User Interfaces and Usability

1.   User Interfaces
     Kinds of user interface

     GUI platform

     WIMP-style GUIs

     What we'll implement for this class

2.   Overview of Course




     Review Web pages at www.cs.orst.edu/~pancake/cs252

     Prerequisites (HTML doesn't count as programming language)

     Course policies and grading


     Class Web pages, maillist and email archive

     Frequently-asked questions

     Homework Assignments

     Programming Assignments

3.   What is Usability?

     Designing usable software requires knowledge about:

4.   Usability Criteria
     Effectiveness: To what extent can the goal be achieved?

     Efficiency: How much effort is required to achieve the goal?

     Satisfaction: How acceptable is the software to users, in helping them achieve the goal?