CS252. User Interface Design

Lecture Outline for Feb. 18
Formulating Evaluation Questions

1.  Introduction
     Designing empirical questions/tasks
          Style influences ease of analysis
          Unstructured (open-ended) questions/tasks:

          Structured questions/tasks:

	Interviews can be structured, unstructured, or semi-structured

2.     Questionnaires versus Surveys
     "User surveys" are everyone's first thought for getting user input

     What makes a good survey? 


     Consistency checking:

     What a user survey really involves:

     Difference between questionnaires and surveys

3.     Designing Questionnaires and Feature Checklists
     Question formats
          see handout

     What goes wrong in questionnaires (example from [Shneiderman 1992])

          wordiness/reading time:

          number of terms/choices: 



          gratuitous items: 

     Improving questions
          see handout

     Case Study: questionnaire re-design (for IBM)
          Original version of electronic survey

           Revised version

          Example of reformulation