CS252. User Interface Design

Lecture Outline for Feb. 23
Analyzing User Responses

1.   Recording User Responses
     Assign subject numbers
     Enter data into spreadsheet designed to handle correct types of questions
	Multiple choice:


	Numeric scale:

	Likert scale:

	Ranked ordering:

	Percentage distribution:

	Comments or "Other:___" fields

2.   Exploring and Analyzing Results
	Methods used depend on number of responses to be analyzed
	Case study: Analysis of user requirements for parallel computing tools

	Simple analysis:

	What simple analysis reveals:

	What simple analysis doesn't reveal:

	Applying this to your project = 

	Sub-population analysis:

	Analysis A: type-of-computer-used as basis for sub-population

		Analysis B:  type-of-work as basis for sub-population

	What sub-population analysis reveals

	What it doesn't reveal		

	Applying this to your project = 

	Cross-tab analysis: 

	Why cross-tab analysis is difficult:

	Applying this to your project = 

3.   Limitations of Questionnaires
     Expectations:  What can you reasonably expect from a questionnaire?

     What not to expect