CS252. User Interface Design

Lecture Outline for Jan. 7
Why Usability Is A Challenge

1.   What is Usability?

     Usability criteria
       Effectiveness: To what extent can the goal be achieved?

       Efficiency: How much effort is required to achieve the goal?

       Satisfaction: How acceptable is the software to users, as an aid to
	achieve the goal?

     Designing usable software requires knowledge about:

2.   Knowing about Users
     No matter how specialized the software, it will be used by people who differ

          in their experience and knowledge of the software

          in their domain knowledge



     To be successful at UI design, it's critical to develop objectivity

3.   Knowing about User Tasks

     Characteristics that are important for interface design

4.   Knowing about the Work Environment

     Aspects of the environment that can affect software usability

5.   Knowing about What's Feasible

     Examples of technical factors

     Examples of organizational factors

     Organizational factors have become increasingly critical in software success

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