CS252. User Interface Design

Program 7 (optional) - On-line Documentation

Optional Assignment - Due 11:59 PM, Friday, March 10

This assignment should be done individually by people who need some extra credits in raising the Homework and Programs portion of their grade. It will not affect the Exam portions. The point value is 20 points (i.e., more than Program 1, but less than Program 2).

Write a simple on-line help facility to explain the VB Menu Editor to new users of VB. You may choose the structure, but it is recommended that you have a short list of "topics," each leading to a brief explanation - rather than a longer, single explanation.

Remember that beginners are impatient when reading documentation because they are eager to make progress. Successful online documents help the user make progress quickly.

Your work will be graded on the clarity, conciseness, and accuracy of the information you present, plus its suitability for new VB users. Make this be the online help you wish had been available when you were doing your menu assignment!

What to Turn In

Submit a single MSWord document named prog7.doc. Only Word format will be accepted for this assignment.

At the top of the first page, clearly indicate your name.

If you choose to implement topics-with-explanations, provide a list of the topics (like a table of contents) first. Then, one at a time, repeat the name of the topic and provide the explanation. If you choose some other organization, make sure that you clearly indicate how the material is structured - and how the user would move from one portion to another inside the normal VB Help facility.